Social media strategy
It might not seem important at first, but not having a clear social media strategy and an established workflow often means not getting any results from your social media marketing efforts. However, if done right, you'll grow a community of fans, your brand awareness will increase, and you'll gain more customers.
If defining the social media strategy isn't on top of your to-do list, we can do that for you. Our team has a deep knowledge of the most popular social media networks, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.
With Social Media Strategy as a service, we discuss what you want to achieve on your social media and plan what needs to be done to reach your goals.
  • Which platforms to use

  • What type of content to create and how

  • Content pillars and brand message

  • How and when to post

  • Hashtag strategy

  • Growth strategy
Briefly, Social Media Strategy at EVOKE defines:
We can create a social media strategy for you as part of our other services or separately, as a one-time service.

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