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The Power of SocialMedia for Business by Sptoutsocial
  • 1. According to Sproutsocial's research, 65% of consumers have already made purchases directly through social media.
    Why is social commerce so popular? One reason is that it meets consumers where they already are. For many, checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram daily has become as routine as brushing their teeth.
  • 3. Consumers expect two-way engagement with brands. A brand is no longer a remote, faceless entity that we only learn about in publications or Google searches. Looking at a brand's network helps up gauge their values, relevant news and offerings, and how they relate to their audience.
  • 2. Consumers are heavily influenced by social media reviews. Social media is a living document for social proof—which is increasingly a make-or-break factor for buying decisions. More than half (51%) of consumers read reviews on forums or social media to evaluate a product or service before purchasing. All it takes is one or two dissatisfied reviewers to drive away a potential customer.
  • 4. Consumers turn to social media for customer service. Now, social is consumers' preferred choice for sharing feedback or reaching out with a customer support issue or question.
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"I got immediate solution on how to attract more customers and increase brand awareness." - Amira Elbanna
Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. Yup - while it's easier than ever to start a business, it is harder to grow.
Most companies have three challenges with growth:

  1. Getting people to know about the company
  2. Getting people to make their first order
  3. Getting the people who do to stay as a loyal customer
That's why we founded EVOKE - to help companies like yours to grow using one of the best tools - Social Media.
In the last four years we've helped over 100 companies (like yours) to build their communities. increase brand awareness and sales.
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