The Full-Service
Social Media Agency
In The Benelux
We created Evoke to enable you to grow your business by freeing up your time and clearing your mind of social media hassle. Everything we do is about a clear strategy and targeted efforts that bring results. Trust us when we say we live and breathe social media. Our team will take the social media marketing off your shoulders and all you'll have to do is focus on growing your business!

About Evoke
What if you had a streamlined social media&influencer marketing to bring in more clients...
while you focus on giving them a 5-star experience?

Brands we worked for:


    With the social media strategy developed by us, you'll be able to carry out your social media marketing yourself.
    With us, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your social media.
    You'll have impactful high-quality photos, videos set to go viral, and ad creatives that are bound to attract a new audience.
    We're helping you increase traffic, boost sales and expand community reach with social media advertising.
    We'll help you reach and engage your audience through influencers and creators we work with.
    With branding done by us, you'll always leave a powerful first impression.

    Meet our team
    • Oksana
    • Evgeniia
    • Elvira
    • Zeb
    • Nelly
    • Danielle